About Us (old)

Welcome to Littlerowboat Couture, an apparel brand exclusively reserved for the precious baby boys we so love! Providing a diverse and cute range of clothing options including onesies, dress shirts, bow ties and neckties, t-shirts and more, we have adorable and fashionable options for baby boys and toddlers that moms will swoon over!

Inspired By…

The inspiration for Littlerowboat Couture stems from the idea of celebrating dads and baby boys as well as the unique relationship they have. We all know dads and babies’ relationships are not exactly the safest, but they are extremely precious and somewhat adorable. Whereas mothers hold a more tender relationship with their babies, dads share a more playful and fun bond with them. This unique, somewhat amusing relationship inspires us to design and offer clothes that are representative of it – fun, playful, cute, and memorable. While the brand is initiated by a mother and intended for mothers (because let’s face it, we can’t trust dads to do clothes’ shopping for the kids!), we celebrate the amazing bond of father and baby boys.

Our Clothes: Not Just Fabric

At Littlerowboat Couture, we’re not simply seeking to offer clothes or fabrics that are created into cute apparel. We believe baby clothes are memories that are to be preserved. These are the clothes that make mothers obsessively take pictures of once they’re worn by their baby; clothes that the baby’s relatives see him in for the first time; clothes that smell like baby powder and that cutesy scent of babies; clothes that mothers never want to discard because they hold so many memories.

                  Creativity, Comfort, and Care

Little Prince Couture’s line of baby boy clothes are exactly what your little one (and you) will love! We say this with confidence because our clothes are designed by mothers of little boys themselves who are all for creativity, comfort, and care.

Our designs are 100% original, originating from the minds of our lovely mom designers, and are created to ensure the comfort of our little wearers. You will find many details that are there for the convenience of mothers and little boys, such as extra length in dress shirts to be easily tucked (and stay tucked!) in pants, and adjustable waistbands to fit your child’s specific size.

All clothes are made with high quality fabrics because we understand how rough little boys can get. Moms can breathe a sigh of relief when their feisty little boys are wearing Littlerowboat Couture because our clothes are easy to wash.

At the end of the day, the end goal of our clothes is to keep moms happy, keep boys happy. These are clothes that mothers love purchasing and baby boys love wearing!

                  Customizable Apparel

For moms who are creative or just want something unique for their kid, our customizable apparel option awaits! Perhaps you want a cheeky pun on your baby’s t-shirt or want to add personalized text featuring your baby’s name – the options are endless with Littlerowboat Couture. Moms are at liberty to add text and designs to our clothes so their little one can wear clothes that are as unique as he is.

Giving Back

At Littlerowboat Couture, we are invested in our goal of doing good for others. As a brand, our identity reflects humbleness, giving back, being generous, and changing the world for the better, one step at a time. This is why a major part of our business is focused on helping good causes, especially those that help infants and babies in substantial ways. Read more about our giving back on our Save a Life page.

Find our unique and premium quality range of baby boys’ clothes today. Apart from creatively designed clothes, we also feature personalized and custom clothing solutions so you can add a more special touch to your baby’s clothing! 

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